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Katana has been Bred to Conan

Katana has been bred to Conan. Pups are expected mid May 2015. If you are interested in getting a puppy please contact us so we can put you on our call back list. Here are pictures of Conan and pictures of Katana can bee seen on her page.


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Moscatta has been Bred to Toby

Moscatta has been bred so Toby and pups should be due mid May 2015. If you are interested in getting a puppy please contact us so we can put you on our call back list. Below is a video of Moscatta and a few photos Toby.




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mini-4Bull Pull Kennels was established in Baltimore, Maryland and is now located nationwide in the following states: Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, Indiana, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas and California. We are a collaboration of multiple familys and individuals that share a passion and love for the American Bulldog. All parties have agreed to live by the highest ethical standards, both in and out of the world of the dogs. This includes but is not limited to health checks, proper immunizations and keeping the dogs in a loving family environment. While helping to improve this amazing animal, every person or family involved maintains full time employment elsewhere with the understanding that dog sales are not a form of income. We have developed a program to produce all around sound American Bulldogs. They are show quality dogs for working with a “drivey” temperament while even tempered to be great family pets, fantastic companions for families and children. Our dogs are consistent in type and health.

We do not stretch any photos nor exaggerate weights or measurements. We feel everyone should be honest with these things especially with the importance of trying to match up great American Bulldogs for breeding. Not everyone is looking for the biggest dog, heaviest dog, biggest head size, etc. All of our information is exact.

We never want any dog to be used in dog fighting or any other unlawful or inhumane acts. Any person involved in such acts will hopefully get prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you want to do something fun and competitive with your dogs you should look into weight pulling or agility contests. It’s safe and a great bonding experience for you and the dog.

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