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American Bulldogs are our passion. We have developed a breeding program to produce all around sound American Bulldogs. Our American Bulldogs are show quality for working or as a great family pet. Our dogs are family raised and great with children. Bull Pulls American Bulldogs are consistent in type and health.

American Bulldog Puppies for sale

We will be listing our next American Bulldog breeding soon!
No American Bulldog Puppies Available at this time

We will be listing out next breeding soon.

Please check back in the next month to see what we have planed. Moo will be the male that we use on the next litter.

About the parents:
Moo is just one of those dogs that everyone loves. His structure is near perfect and his temperament is what everyone wants in an American Bulldog. Moo has proven to be a great weight puller. Everyone is so impressed with Moo when they see him in person.

Great Temperament American Bulldog (Moo) playing with our 2 year old while eating a steak bone

Great Temperament American Bulldog. Moo playing with our 2 year old son while eating a steak bone.

Moo is one of our top show and weight pull dogs

Moo has got to be my favorite American Bulldog we have produced. His structure is almost perfect and his temperament is exactly what we want. He has great manors in public. Absolutely loves people and other dogs. As seen in the picture to the left he even enjoys getting played with by children while eating a steak bone. Our son could literally take it out of Moo’s mouth if he wanted to. Moo has already produced a great litter for us. So it looks like Moo will be a great producer as well.

Accomplishments for 2015:

  • 4th place at UPF Weight Pull Nationals against some of the toughest competition.
  • ABRA Nationals he won best 2-4 year old classic male. Best classic male. Best classic american bulldog. Then went into the championship ring.
  • Won NWDA Weight Pull Nationals

Accomplishments for 2016:

  • 2nd place at UPF Weight Pull Nationals. I was the biggest show to date. With a ton of dogs all across the USA Canada and Mexico. This is the highest we have placed at UPF Nationals. We are so proud of Moo and his accomplishments.

Another example of a great temperament American Bulldog. Macho Man being walked by our son.

Up and Coming Macho Man

Macho Man is coming along nicely. He has that great temperament we are always looking to produce. At 9 months old this young American Bulldog is over 90 pounds and going to have that big bowling ball head. Macho Man is doing very good in his weight pull training and we are expecting great things from him next season.

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american bulldog katana weight pulling at american bulldogs showBull Pull American Bulldogs started in Baltimore Maryland. Our Kennel has been breeders of the American Bulldog since 2001. Our American Bulldogs are very healthy with great hips. They live in loving family homes to provide the best environment. Our American Bulldogs are show quality and make great family pets. We raise the puppies around children and socialize them very well.

We like the look of the big head and muscular American Bulldog. To keep our dogs healthy and very athletic we outcross to hybrid type American Bulldogs. This improves breathability and function. We have been building an American Bulldog program for many years and have found a good balance to produce the look and health we desire.

We never want any dog to be used in dog fighting, any unlawful or inhumane acts. Any person involved in such acts will hopefully get prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you want to do something fun and competitive with your dogs you should look into weight pulling or agility contests. It’s safe and a great bonding experience for you and your American Bulldog.

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