American Bulldog Puppies

Bull Pull American Bulldogs has been breeding American Bulldogs for over 15 years. As Breeders we strive to breed healthy American Bulldog puppies that have that nice bully American Bulldog look. Our American Bulldog Puppies do great in Family homes with children. Please contact us if you have any questions about a puppy or an upcoming breeding.

American Bulldog Puppies for sale

American Bulldog Puppies for sale and upcoming breedings

Luke x Barley

Breeding between Barley and Luke should take place arounds April 2018. If all goes well pups should be born the Beginning of June and ready to go to their new homes at the beginning of August. Please contact us if you are interested in a pup from this breeding.

About the parents:
Luke is a really big boy at 115-120 pounds. He has a massive head and a lot of bone. Luke's temperament is just like we like it. He can be taken anywhere and gets along great with other dogs. He is one of the bigger American Bulldogs you will find around.

Barley is 80-85 pounds and that is a real thick female American Bulldog. She has really good bone as well. She has a good amount of drive and wants to play all day long.


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Luke at 9 months old

This boy Luke off of Moscatta and Toby is really starting to mature. So far I really like what I see. He is only 9 months old right now so plenty more growing left to do. I expect this guy to be around 110-115 when full...

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Female Available From BB and Toby

This nice American Bulldog girl is available. She is currently 6 weeks old so she will be ready to go to her new home in 2 weeks. If interested visit our website or contact us for details.

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Female American Bulldog pup for sale from Toby and Moscatta

This girl is available from Moscatta and Toby. I expect her to be a very big girl. Her dad is a huge 135 pound dog and her mom is a nice big 90 pound female. She is 5 weeks old and will be ready to go to her forever home July 18th. Contact me at 410-382-3144 if you...

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Moscatta and Toby Male American Bulldog Puppy Available

This Boy is one week old in the photos. He is out of Moscatta and Toby. He will be ready to go to his new home July 18, 2015. If you are interested in him please call me at 410-382-3144. I expect him to be a big boy. His dad Toby is a legit 135 pounds and his mom...

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Just love this picture of Nala

Nala is an American Bulldog puppy off Brass and Destiny. I love to see the bond these dogs have with their owners and especially kids. I really like this picture and it expresses this exact bond I am talking...

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Boss at the Beach Hanging with Terry O’Reilly

This is Boss one of the male pups from Katana & Brass. On one of  his daily walks on the beach with his owner Glen they bumped into Retired Boston Bruins Terry O'Reilly. Terry Loving him to pieces. Glen says it takes him 2 hours to take a 45 minute walk because so...

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Moo is Making the Cut

This is my keeper Male from Katana and Brass. We said he looked like a little cow when he was born so we went with the name Moo...LOL. This guy makes me very excited. He is 12 weeks in these photos and so far his structure is looking great. He lacks some pigment right...

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Butkus had a great weekend at his new home

Butkus is the little feisty male from Katana and Brass. He went to his new home this weekend in NJ. Butkus and his new Rottweiler friend got along great and are now best friends. This little boy is going to be a nice big bully boy like his daddy. When you see him in...

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