Maryland American Bulldog
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MiURA Black American Bulldogs

Miura American Bulldogs is a line of American Buldogs Francesco Arnone is working on producing. Franco has had a passion to produce a line of Black Tuxedo American Bulldogs that are great for protection work while still having a great temperment for the family home. He has developed a program called G.U.T. (Guardians Utility Title) the following text about G.U.T. is directly taken from Miura Bulldogs website.

The PINTA DRILL is the "prototype" I selected to work on the definition of the G.U.T. ("Guardians' Utility Title"). The drill is presented by PINTA, a bulldog female, and is the seed of a new working title designed for bulldogs but open to any guardian breed that has the necessary athleticism, tenacity and balance. The PINTA DRILL shares many basic skills with pre-Victorian "Bullbaiting" (SPRINT-JUMP-BITE-HOLD-HANG-LAND-REPEAT- FOCUS-REMAIN STABLE), therefore its "similarity" to it (not claiming or wanting to be a re-creation).

I like to think that the PINTA DRILL and the G.U.T. I-II-III (its finished and diversified product) can be seen as an evolution and a modern application of the skills possessed by a bullbaiter (the true traits of a bulldog), proposed in a contest very recurrent in most suburban areas: a FENCE, a BACK YARD, a BULLDOG, an INNOCENT (the person to be protected) and a BAD GUY (the potential intruder).
I am in the process of defining the 3 levels of the G.U.T. and I hired legendary Al Banuelos to prepare and title my dogs.

Mention of the achieved G.U.T. titles will be added to the pedigrees of most registries and will be considered a prestigious achievement, especially among bulldoggers.
The G.U.T. is the workability criteria at MIURABULLS KENNELS, former LINEBACKERS, in the selection of both my line of BLACK BULLY AMERICAN BULLDOGS and my own hybrid line of MIURA BULLDOGS.

Bull Pull Kennels is very excited to be an Associate of Miura Bulldogs and helping Francesco in meeting his goals in producing his line of Black Tuxedo American Bulldogs. For more information and photos of Miura Bulldogs please visit the website >

black american bulldog

black american bulldog

black american bulldog