Our Best American Bulldogs


mini-3Bull Pull Kennels best line of dogs have that super thick and wide body with a very short back. They have extremely large heads with short muzzles. These dogs have very thick bone and tons of bulk muscle. Males are around 22-24 inches tall at the withers and weigh around 85-120 lbs. Females are around 20-22 inches at the withers and weigh around 65-95 lbs. Even though these dogs are extreme we continue to breed for structure and function. At Bullpull we have established to help create what we believe to be the best American bulldog type to strive for. We have taken some of the best working bloodlines in the breed, and have integrated it into our program to improve on structure, movement, height, lean muscle mass, breathing quality, and overall performance/functionality. These dogs are eager to work in arenas such as: weight pull, bite work, obedience, etc… They also excel in the confirmation arena, and can quickly adapt and resume their role within your pack at home. We believe that our line will produce some of the most functional, and versatile dogs in the breed today! If you are interested in adding a Bull Pull Kennels American Bulldog to your team, contact us for availability.

Nona is now 3 months old

Here is our keeper from Bull Pulls Moscatta and Toby. Moscatta is a nice size girl at 90 pounds lean. Toby is a monster standard type at 135 true real weight. Nona seems like she will fall right in the middle and have a more hybred type. The reasons I went with this...