American Bulldog Weight Charts & Growth Charts

Below is some American Bulldog weight charts and growth charts. These charts show the average growth and weight gain rate of an American Bulldog. Please note this is not an exact science and you will see differences depending on bloodline and type of American Bulldog. Still this should be a helpful guide. We have been tracking the weight and growth of our American Bulldogs for a while now and have tracked it on this nice weight and growth chart.

These American Bulldog Weight Charts and Growth Charts Should help if you are wondering the following questions:

How big will my American Bulldog get?
Is my American Bulldog growing at a normal rate?
What size should my American Bulldog be?

American Bulldog Growth and weight Chart

The average growth and weights for our american bulldogs and puppies

Use these dog weight charts and growth charts as guidelines if you are trying to see how your puppy is growing. Below are a few dogs that we kept track of their stats. Since American Bulldogs are know to have a huge head we thought it would be fun to track the size and growth of head size.
American Bulldog how the american bulldog grows

American Bulldog head size weight and growth chart

How to Measure American Bulldog Weight

To measure your dogs weight they should be at an ideal weight. A fat dog is naturally going to weigh more but that is not their natural size. To be at their ideal weight you should be able to see the ribs when they are breathing heavy. If the dog is in a clam state the last 2 ribs should be visible. Your American Bulldog should have a tuck where the stomach comes up higher than the rib cage. You dog is under weight if there are hip points and you can see most of the vertebrae. All our dogs weights were taken at ideal weight.

How to Measure American Bulldog Head size

Best way to measure the head size is with a mayo tape or a soft tape measure. Wrap the tape measure firmly around the widest part of the skull. Dog should be calm and not panting or you could get a false measurement. Also keep in mind if your American Bulldog is over weight their head is going to measure larger just like a humans face is bigger when over weight. It always best to keep your dog at optimal weight is best for the dogs health.

How to Measure American Bulldog Height

Measure from the floor to the top of the dogs Withers. Withers are the top of the dogs shoulder blades. If its hard to get your American Bulldog to stay still, have them stand next to a wall then place a pencil flat on top of their shoulders and draw a line. Then measure from the floor to your line.

How to Measure American Bulldog Length

To get your dogs length measure from the withers to the base of the tail. So length is not from tip of nose to tip of tail.

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