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Growing issues

American Bulldog puppies can grow extremely fast and this can cause some major issues. Below is a link about knuckling over along with other fast growing issues. Anyone with a large breed dog should read this information so you are aware of the signs for growing problems. It’s better to be prepared and know what to look for than to wait till the problem has already manifested itself.

Dealing with the dominant and aggressive dog

How to socialize a puppy

This is a very good read for the new puppy owner. This is the part of training where we think a lot of people and families get things wrong. We have made the same mistakes in the past, but using these techniques have been extremely helpful with establishing yourself as the pack leader. It makes it much easier to further train the dog in working, showing, and obedience work.

How to choose a working puppy

This is a good link to how to choose a good working puppy. When reading this article keep in mind choosing the type of puppy they are suggesting is great for working dogs and good for house pets as long as you establish yourself as a pack leader. If you feel that your life style will not allow for a heavy dedication on training it is sometimes better to go with a less drivey and dominate puppy. You do still want to make sure they are not skittish or overly fearful. A dominate dog can be a handful if not trained properly.

How to choose a pet puppy

Training equipment

Dog Powered Scooter – Check out these new safe dog/human powered rigs,  that are much safer than using a bicycle or any “dog out front on a single line” mushing system.  or any of the conventional ways we use wheels to exercise our high drive pulling dogs. It’s more freedom than a leash AND more control- since the dog can only go forward and cannot turn to pull you over to the side.  and YOU have precision steering control over the dog, with no commands or training. Of course its NOT the only way to exercise our dogs- just one great way.

Leather dog muzzles for Bullmastiff – You can get other dog muzzles of quality leather for many breeds.

Wire dog muzzles for medium dogs – You may find also large and small dog breed muzzles of wire.

Bite sleeve covers for training your dog – Plenty of dog bite sleeves of jute and french linen.

Safe, non-allergic chain dog collars – Other metal training collars of the kind – pinch and prong collars.

Original quality Curogan dog collars – Variety of Herm Sprenger dog collars for training.

American Bulldog Store offers wide range of quality collars, harnesses, leashes, muzzles, bite tugs, toys, sleeves etc.

Professional equipment for training, pulling, tracking, heavy duty harnesses and decorative muzzles, durable collars and leashes and lots of other things for your Pitbull.

Rottweiler breed collars, muzzles, harnesses and other useful dog equipment for a reasonable price for puppies and mature dogs.

Doberman dog breed store for handcrafted harnesses, comfortable muzzles, stylish collars.

Unique and excellent quality Harnesses, Collars, Muzzles, Leads and a lot of other Cane Corso Training Equipment.

Strong Dog Equipment for professional Schutzhund training: Harnesses, Bite Suits, Sleeves, Muzzles, Collars etc. All products are dog safe.

Specialized webstore for different kinds of dog harnesses– Full diversity of high quality dog harnesses for different purposes: training, agitation, walking, pulling etc

Finest quality, handcrafted, extravagant dog harnesses – Great variety of dog harnesses models, sizes and colors. Find the perfect harness for your beloved dog. High quality is guaranteed

Reliable, Exclusive Design Dog Collars For All Breeds – Plenty of leather and nylon, everyday and training collars for all breeds. Unique handcrafted designs.

Dog Leashes of Leather, Nylon and Chain for any Activity – Looking for certain type of leash? Visit our store and you will find best leather, nylon or chain leashes for any type of activity!

Perfect quality Schutzhund training dog harnesses – Schutzhund dog muzzles, dog collars for training and easy handling, bite tugs and toys.

Wire basket dog muzzles of superior design – Leather dog muzzles with spikes and studs, small dog muzzles, large dog muzzles.

Bullmastiff wire cage and leather muzzles – Dog muzzles for small dogs, large dogs and medium dogs.

Soft English Bulldog collars of extreme comfort – Lightweight nylon harnesses, safe leather harnesses, easy controlling leashes.

Practicable, decorated nylon Great Dane collars – Soft to touch leather leashes, multiple use harnesses and toys for funny games.

Genuine leather German Shepherd muzzles – Lightweight nylon dog collars and leashes, wire cage muzzles and toys of rubber.

mushing rigs– New urban mushing rigs that offer precision steering with no dog commands or training. safe, fun and a practical way to road work your dog/dogs and more.

Big choice of leather and nylon dog collars– Training and walking dog harnesses, reliable dog leashes.

Bite sleeves and covers for your Boxer – Luxury style and ordinary dog collars and safe muzzles, durable toys.

Mastiff dog harnesses of strong leather and nylon– Finest quality nylon dog collars and leashes, leather spiked and studded accessories.

Perfect air flow American Bulldog muzzles– All-weather nylon harnesses, walking leashes and training tugs.

All kinds of leashes for Cane Corso – Decorated and ordinary use harnesses and collars.

Doberman dog muzzles of safe wire cage and leather – Plenty of dog muzzles of leather and wire cage.

Strong leather and practicable nylon Bullmastiff harnesses – Soft genuine quality collars and leashes, durable bite tugs and colorful dog toys.

Strict and posh spiked Newfoundland collars – Ordinary style and decorated dog harnesses, strong leashes and interactive toys.

The best training chain/pinch Belgian Malinois collars – Leather harnesses and nylon leashes, any time use bite tugs.

Safe and super lightweight Siberian Husky muzzles – Reliable harnesses and soft collars, anti-chewing chain dog leashes.

Amstaff bite sleeves and covers for effective training – Good quality leather harnesses and soft nylon collars, walking and training dog leashes.

Bite suits and trainer clothing for German Shepherd training – Provide your GSD with best fitting collars and muzzles, genuine quality harnesses.

Studded dog harnesses for dogs with style – Walking, training, tracking and pulling dog harnesses for many dog breeds.

Leather Bull Terrier harnesses with spikes, studs and id-patches – Wide padded leather collars and leashes with soft padded handles.

Use nylon Doberman collars for any weather walking – Train your dog with the finest quality bite sleeves and covers available.

Kennels of other breeds



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