dropped-in-yard-july10-2013Last night someone decided to throw an American Bulldog into our back yard. Yes you heard that right we have a 6 foot privacy fence and no way to get in from the outside so they would have had to thrown her over the fence. I guess since people know we have American Bulldogs that we would take care of their problem. With already having our limit on dogs at our house and the fact we just had a baby, a foster person Carrie has stepped up to take her for the time being. The female dog looks to be in good health but is well under weight. She is now getting plenty of food and water. I did a few temperament tests. She is a little scared but is very loving she waged her tail and had no problem with me, my wife, or our daughter. I also put her out with one of our adult male dogs and she took to him showed no aggression at all. So I would say she is person and dog friendly. She will need some socialization to build her confidence back up. I would guess she is around 1-2 years old. weighs around 50-60 pounds but if she was at a healthy weight should be around 65-70 pounds. The dog is located in the Timonium / Towson area of Maryland. If you are interested in giving her a great home please contact the new foster Carrie at cvdallhoff@gmail.com

If a local person decides to give her a great home I would be willing to donate my time and give the new owner and the dog free obedience lessons.

A big than you to Carrie for fostering her and to Marisa for acting so fast with trying to find her a place to stay for now.