puppy-pullingon-leash-I see it all the time people getting pulled around by their dogs. I know it is not enjoyable to walk a dog that is pulling in every direction when all you want to do is take a nice walk with your pet. It is also not very good for the throat of your dog. I have seen dogs suffer damage to their esophagus from constant leash pulling. If you think the dog will grow out of it over time you will be very disappointed. Proper training is needed to teach your pet the boundaries and expectations you have for them while they are on a leash. I have personally trained some of the worse leash pulling dogs to become excellent walking companions.

Tip: if your dog is pulling on the leash and you continue to allow them to move in the direction they want to move then technically you are rewarding them to pull. Instead it is better to stop when they are pulling to take away the reward and only move forward when they are being behaved. I know what you are thinking that you will have to stop all the time, and at first you are right but if you stick with it you will be happy in the long run. It takes patience but the final results will be long worth it. There are many other techniques I use in combination with stopping to form the best results.

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