Moo-12weeks-1 Moo-12weeks-2This is my keeper Male from Katana and Brass. We said he looked like a little cow when he was born so we went with the name Moo…LOL. This guy makes me very excited. He is 12 weeks in these photos and so far his structure is looking great. He lacks some pigment right now but hoping it will fill in as he gets older. It has been very hot here on the east coast and the heat and humidity does not phase him. His willing to please is incredible, he has been picking up basic obediance very quickley. The thing that makes me the most excited is this pups temperment. I have taken him to Petco during very busy and hectic times an he struts around the place like he ownes it. He has no problem greeting anyone, handles strange noices and objects really well. One of the times we were at petco someone knocked a bunch of cans on the floor right next to Moo and all he did is go and sniff the cans. Moo is going to be the next dog I am going to put my effort into. Looking forward to see how he takes to weight pull and I am sure if his structure hold up I will throw him in the show ring a bit.